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Master of Go - baduk

2.39 usd

Master of Go is a huge collection of the 'life and death' problems of Go game. - Now, 1052 problems are ready to be played. - Languages : English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean - 4 Levels of problems, so you can choose proper level for you. - 1point hint - Self review is possible. - You can mark favorite problems in order to solve them again in the future.
How to play : - Put stones : Just touch where you want to put it on. - 1point hint : Hint appears on the screen for a second. - Self review : You can put white and black stone alternately for review. - Mark Favorite : Touch the star mark on the bottom left of the screen. You can see yellow star marks on the Question list.
(In addition to the problem-solving ways provided, there can be another ways.)